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What is a property survey and when is it needed?

What is a property survey and when is it neededCaveat emptor is a principle applicable in the sale and transfer of property. Thus, buyers often commission an independent survey to authenticate the claims made by the seller regarding value, area, etc. The following article discusses about the reasons, types, and other factors that indicate the need for a survey.

When should a survey be commissioned?

Ideally, a survey should have been carried out before the exchange of contract. But the costs of employing an independent surveyor can be too much.  Therefore most buyers, especially first time buyers rely on the valuation provided by the lender. Such valuation reports are provided to the customer.

Reasons for a survey

A buyer purchasing a property is expected to undertake reasonable inquiry about any physical faults in the property. It is for this reason that a survey should be conducted to discover any physical defects that are not apparent on mere visual inspection by the client.

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Types of survey

A client can rely on three different types of survey, viz.

a)      Commissioning a ‘Home Buyer’s Valuation and Survey Report’.

b)      Commissioning a full structural survey.

c)      Relying on the valuation prepared by the lender.

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