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Situations when a full property survey is required

Situations when a full property survey is requiredSometimes a full property survey is absolutely important, especially in the presence of one or more of the following conditions:

a)      The property is of high value

b)      It is more than 100 years old

c)      It is not a conventional house made of brick and mortar

d)     It is in close proximity to features such as river, mine, clay sub-soil, etc. that may cause structural problems

e)      It is not detached

f)       The amount that the buyer’s mortgage represents, is low in proportion to the purchase price

g)      The buyer intends to alter the property extensively

Surveys in special cases 

Sometimes, special situations warrant a special survey. For instance, when the property intended to be purchased is not connected to the main drainage, a special drainage survey should be conducted. This should be done to prevent drainage replacement and repair costs which can be extensive, and also to avoid civil and criminal liabilities due to the discharge of effluents. Sometimes, an environmental survey is also required to be conducted. A standard full structural survey does not include investigation of such problems.

Flats and other attached properties

When the property to be purchased is a flat or is attached to the neighbouring property, a full structural survey is preferred. This is due to the fact that the structural soundness of a property would depend on the structural soundness of the adjoining property. Hence, the surveyor should be instructed to inspect the main structure of the building along with the property intended to be purchased and the adjoining property (if possible).

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